Join us at the EXPO!

Stop at the Vitae Token Bar and then checkout our exhibit!
November 28th and 29th, 2018!
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, California.

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Empowering the Revolution!

Vitae! Empowering you to a new life! Developed with a purpose to change the world and bring freedom back to you! Providing a NEW AGE social rewards network to give opportunity for financial freedom.

Our own Social Rewards Network
Pre Mine
Maximum Supply
Super Node Burn
Remaining Pre Mine
*Any additional Pre-mine will be burned.

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Vitae Token features

Know something special about your cryptocurrency.

Confirmations are Fast

View our White Paper and see how our transaction confirmations are fast. When transfers are fast, you get to spend more time living. Vitae is after all Latin for Life.

Wallet Guide

Super Node Burn

Super Node Burns decrease the supply of Vitae Tokens. Every Super Node Burn is over powered by the rewards. Providing a Demand for Super Nodes.

Everyone can Mine

Hodl! The more you do the more you get back with Vitae. With Master Node and Proof of Stake. Download your wallet and start earning rewards. Set up a Master Node for even more rewards.

Masternode Guide


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Why is Vitae different?

Vitae is not just a token. Much like life, it has a purpose. This purpose is to provide prosperity through POS (Proof Of Stake), Master Node, Super Node and our own Social Rewards Website.

Prosperity for everyone!

Available around the world, Vitae can make a difference to everyone.

Anti Inflationary

Providing tremendous rewards for Staking, Master Nodes and Super Nodes, Vitae Token provides an increasing supply to those that receive rewards. Combined with our Social Rewards Platform, the generation of anti inflationary income is possible.

A cryptocurrency with purpose

Vitae is powered by many individuals who work in their respective departments. With an ever changing landscape of opportunity, the Vitae team is organized for success. The commitment to Vitae Token, is with purpose and consistent with today's biggest trends. Our main developers and programmers are excited to provide a future to cryptocurrency. Founded by entrepreneurs and like minded individuals to build a new generation of cryptocurrency able to advance with technology.

Michael Weber

Founder and CEO

Russell Agnew

Digital Marketing Director
Community Manager

Maria Tomaino

Director of Communications

Shrage Posen

Network Director

Mendy Zicherman

Network Director

Vitae Token Wallets

v4.2.1 updated 9/18/2018

Select the wallet that fits your needs.

Windows 32


Apple 10.12


Linux QT - GUI


Windows 64


Apple 10.13


Linux TAR-daemon


Not working? Need Help? Please read our release and set up notes: Click Here


Android Wallet App

Coming Q4 2018!

Available at the Playstore!

Download the Vitae Wallet App for android phones.









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